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this is it. this is Captain America: The Winter Soldier summed up

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An Anchor in Time


An Anchor in Time

Sharon doesn’t lose her and Steve’s baby in Cap V5.

Words: 514
Rating: G

At the age of twelve, Sharon Carter discovered an injured blackbird beneath one of the trees that populated the expansive backyard of her parents’ Richmond estate. With murmured reassurances and scraps of cheddar she’d swiped earlier from the cheese drawer, she managed to soothe the bird into trusting her enough that she could carry him back into the house and set him into a makeshift splint she’d constructed out of masking tape and popsicle sticks.

Handling the man with the metal arm, who appears now in that same backyard, won’t be quite so simple.

Before he’s the man with the metal arm, he’s a rustle in a distant bush as she sits out on the back porch with a beer and a comfortable silence. As soon as the brush of leaves breaks that silence, she’s on her feet, drawing her gun. (It’s been only months since the craziness with HYDRA; hell no, she’s not walking around unarmed, even in her own house.)

“Hello?” she calls out, arms in isosceles as she paces away from the house. “Who’s there?” (Because this isn’t some B-grade horror movie, it’s her backyard and she’s a trained secret agent, damn it.)

The man with the metal arm, evidently, isn’t trying to hide, because at the sound of her voice he shuffles into the cone of light coming off the deck. He’s got a red star painted onto his arm (the metal one, not the human one) and weeks of sleepless nights weighing down his eyes, giving him a raccoon mask of bags and bruises almost as black as the painted one he wore on a rooftop last spring. 

At the sight of him, Sharon slowly, falteringly, lowers her gun. She’s seen the news footage, read the debriefings. Beyond that, she grew up watching this man fight with the Howling Commandoes in her aunt’s old newsreels. “Bucky?”

The man with the metal arm shrugs and holds up his hands in a confused, noncommittal gesture. “I… I think so?”

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make me choosebuckyremembers → x-men or vs the avengers (+ loki & nick fury)

Best edit I’ve seen in my life.

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*stands to the left of chris evans and starts telling jokes, hoping*

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Marvel Cómics Meme » favorite female character

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#i havent seen one episode of this show but i would swan dive into a volcano if she asked me to (via deepspacednine)

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susan storm probably has business cards that say “sue the invisible woman”

and beneath that: “that’s just my name, don’t actually sue me”

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Westchester High by Tony Fleecs


Westchester High by Tony Fleecs

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castle + tumblr posts [1/?].

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Jane Foster Week Day One: Jane + Science

"I am so taking this apart"

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